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Welcome to Mt. Hood Parkdale; another special place in the Columbia River Gorge many call home.


The community of Mt. Hood is found in Hood River County, Oregon, about 3 miles northeast of Parkdale on the scenic Oregon Route 35. Many who travel Route 35 through the Hood River Valley have the destination of Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and/or Mt. Hood Ski Bowl on the brain, missing the beauty and destination this tiny but mighty area holds. Take in a winery tour, hit a couple of stops on “The Fruit Loop”, spend the day at Laurance Lake, or relax and enjoy a meal in town. You might discover that this is your place to put down some of your own roots.  Students in Mt. Hood/Parkdale are served by the Hood River County School District, and is home to Parkdale Elementary; home of the Mountaineers!  For more information, visit